marbled is a series of paintings that i started in 2015 out of my love and admiration for colors; how they function together and how every touch adds up to the bigger picture. Expression of both feelings and moods are the two fundamental basis behind every marbled painting. Intuitively I use my brush in the most unpredictable movements with distinctive color combinations; giving characters and tales for each and every painting. With the unique technique of marbling colors, insane worlds of abstract shapes are created, so vividly detailed, that the observer never gets tired of watching it. The peerless visuals are inspiring, allowing your imagination to wander while observing the structures. The concept behind the marbled Artbook is that every painting has it‘s own story; put you in different realms, make you visualize your own phantasy world. I collected comments and thoughts from friends by having a conversation about first associations, feelings or situations that appear in mind  caused by looking at the artwork. Often left with tales and wanders of people who got their own story, just like the paintings.


could also be on the wall of a doctors waiting room to calm down people"


i feel




i forgot

my LSD."

"Looks like an accident with chocolate."


"Grazing horses."

"Dark, evil

"It‘s 2:30 am.
Everyone is
I miss you."

"This looks
like a minor
loss of control."

"A carnivorous plant."

"Wobbly jelly."




could also be on the wall of a doctors waiting room to calm down people"


 © 2019 by Lea Borkowski

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